Beauty & Brains – Mardovar’s Title Holders

Visit our Photo Gallery to see photos of many of our show winners & family companions.


  • Am Ch. Mardovar All Starr (Specialty winner)
  • Am Ch. Mardovar’s Furrst Class Act CD (Specialty winner)
  • Am Ch. Mardovar’s Gold-Sun Furrari
  • Am Ch. Mardovar’s Love’N Leave’M TT CGC
  • Am Ch. Mardovar’s Savannah Starr (BOS ’90 GRCA Nat’l)
  • Am Ch. Mardovar See’N Is Believe’N CDX (Specialty winner)
  • Am Ch. Mardovar Thornfield See Pow’r
  • Am Ch. Mardovar’s Time After Time
  • Am Ch. Mardovar’s Times Square
  • Am/Can Ch. Mardovar’s Furrst Love OD (Can Specialty winner)
  • Am/Can Ch. Mardovar’s Go Furr Broke TT, CGC OS (Multi.Group placings)
  • Am/Can Ch. Mardovar’s Goin’ Great Guns JH, WCX, Am/Can CDX
  • Am/Can Ch. Mardovar’s Goin’ Magnum Mist CD OD (BISS Can Specialty)
  • Am/Can Ch. Mardovar’s J D Hot Rod Am/Can CD
  • Can Ch. Mardovar Clearwaters Merlot CD
  • Can Ch. Mardovar Essence In Time Can CD
  • Can Ch. Mardovar’s Fly’N Troublemakr
  • Can Ch. Mardovar’s Maraia Hot N Sassy
  • Can Ch. Ceile’s Mardovar Firestorm BIS Can SDHF (3 Best in Shows
  • Can Ch. Ceile’s Mardovar Magic Fire Am UDX, RA, Can CDX, 1 NAJ leg (HITs, DWAs, Gr.placing, 63 OTCH pts)
  • Phil Gr. Ch. Mardovar’s Carebear Wildone Gr.ROM
  • Phil Gr. Ch. Mardovar Carebear’s Woodduck CDX (HIT’s & Multi.Group wins)
  • Phil Ch. Mardovar’s CareBear What’s Up ROM
  • Am GCH, U-GrCH & BPIS INTPCH & IC-CHP Mardovar’s Matrix BOSS
  • Am GCH Mardovar’s Run for the Stars RN TKN
  • BISS Am GCHS, U-GrCH Mardovar’s Life’s a Beech RN TKN CGC ATT
  • Am CH, U-GRCH Mardovar’s Moonlit Marsh
  • Am GrCH U- GrCH Mardovar’s Legend Of The Moon CGC
  • CH Mardovar’s She’s So Fly
  • Can GCh Mardovar’s Bugatti For Sunkozi
  • Am CH Can GCH Mardovar’s I’ll Stand by You POA
  • CH Mardovar’s Makena Beach at Indian Trail CGC
  • Can Gch Mardovar’s Lady Astrantia of Finnvarr POA

Obedience, Performance, & Field

  • Can OTCH Mardovar’s Specul Jifurr Am/Can UD (HITs & OTCH ptd.)
  • Mardovar’s Love’N Livewire UD JH WCX
  • U-CD Mardovar Freedom’s Fireworks UD (HITs, DWAs, & OTCH ptd.)
  • Mardoyar’s Mark My Words UD, RA, AX, MXJ (37 MACH pts)
  • Mardovar’s E-Z Love’N (Ch pointed) Am/Can CDX TT CGC
  • U-CDX SHR Mardovar’s Luv at Furrst Sight CDX JH WCX (HITs & DWAs)
  • Mardovar Moreland’s Lovin’ Am/Can CDX TT CGC (Lucy Wade Award winner ’90 GRCA Nat’l Specialty)
  • Morgold Bold Bart Of Mardovar Am/Can CDX (2 UD legs)
  • U-CD SR Mardovar Nicole Just Furr Me CDX RN JH WCX CGC
  • Mardovar’s Sweet Sage (Ch pointed) Am CDX WC, Can CD
  • Ceile’s Mardovar Maxima Am CDX
  • Mardovar’s Fly’N Flirtation Am CDX
  • Mardovar’s Up’N Atom Am/Can CD, OA, NAJ, NADAC OAJ
  • Mardovar’s Free-Lee Of Senyah Am CD WCX
  • Morgold Bold Becky Mardovar CD WC OD
  • U-RO3 U-GrCH IC-CHSP IC-CHI Mardovar’s Gonna Moon Ya CDX, BN, GN, RE, AX, AXJ, ACT2, CGCA, TKA, THD, CCA
  • U-GrCH U-RO2 Int’l Puppy CH. Goldenway Mardovar’s Firefly RE, NAP, OAP, OJP, ACT2, TKA, CGCA, BPIS, SN-C
  • Mardovar’s Fly To Your Heart CD BN RN OAP AJP CDX-C CGCA TKA
  • U-CH Mardovar’s Purple Heart RI CGC TKN

Service Dogs

  • Mardovar ‘N Quillmark’s Dory (guide dog brood)
  • Mardovar’s Robert Redfurrd (guide dog)
  • Mardovar’s Brandon (guide dog)
  • Mardovar’s Set Me Free (guide dog)
  • Mardovar’s Free-Lee Of Senyah Am CD WCX (Search & Rescue dog)
  • Mardovar Freedom’s Fireworks UD (HITs, DWAs, & OTCH ptd.) (Search & Rescue dog)

Companion Dogs & Family Members

The many family pets we have bred give us great pride and satisfaction.  They are great companions and family members, raising their human “children” with great care and love.  We are proud to share our golden’s wags and smiles with visitations to senior residence centers, assisted living centers & nursing homes. We have included many photos of our extended golden family in our photo gallery.