Welcome to the home page of #40+Coffeehouse!!! You can find us on the Undernet. We are a fun buncha folks so drop on in anytime for some java and chat!

Mayberry Party 2001was fun, pictures later

Silly computer faceOur Adopted Coffeehouse Motto

Heresto Pands Pen Dasoci Alhou Rinhar M Les Smirt Hand Funl Etfri Ends Hipre ign Bejus Tand Kindan Devils Peak of No Ne ! ....... Ret Sbewl Lib" :)

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Whats New: So you saw it all? Check what has changed.

Managers: The folks who make it happen!

Ops: The ones who keep it running!

Rules: You can take a look if you want!

Members: The ones without whom there would be no point!

Other Interesting Stuff: Channel events and other stuff!

Interesting Links: About any number of topics!


Lagmonster: Thanks to euleen's friend for the art!!!

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